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FCE Buster Practice Book

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The book is to consolidate what is learnt in the course book FCE BUSTER, from where the number of units and their contents are based in this new book. It can also be utilised as self-study in secondary schools, in private language schools as well as at university level; or rather in any situation where students have already acquired a B2 level of English and are intent on taking the FCE exam in tranquillity and independence.

- Student’s book
- Audio CDs for the student
Downloadable  Answer Key and audio-scripts available on-line

The book is divided into 20 units of 6 pages that present a part of the following papers: Reading, Use of English, Listening and Speaking. The book also contains activities of presentation or reinforcement of vocabulary and/or grammar.

Each unit follows a topic taken from the equivalent unit in FCE BUSTER. At the end of the 20 units there are 16 pages of Writing Reference to strengthen the skill of writing. At the back of the book is a list of common multi-word verbs and a complete Practice Test.